Why Switch?

Corporations like Samsung and other larger companies getting involved in the crypto space increases our confidence and validates our efforts. However, mass adoption is not just about having another crypto wallet. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does your wallet today provide a guarantee by holding a stake of KEYS tokens?

2. Is it based on a hardware chip that is military grade certified (FIPS-140-2)?

3. Chrome browser apps are being phased out, will it still be future proof?

4. Can you send and receive crypto without making mistakes copying and pasting wallet addresses?

5. Can you send crypto via any messaging platform as easy as sending a message?

6. Does your wallet have the ability to be a distribution platform to over 1.7B devices, instantly ?

7. Do you get rewarded and earn tokens for POA and POS networks or sharing?

8. Can you purchase crypto directly from your wallet without going to an exchange via atomic swaps?

9. Does is support any digital asset, not just crypto? (e.g ID/KYC)

10. Can it stack multi-currency all in one go or do you navigate to each wallet ?

11. Does it currently support 250+ crypto currencies and 60 different protocols securely on mobile- not just ERC-20?

12. Does it integrate seamlessly to any SSO or payment gateways?

13. Can you seamlessly import private keys?

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