Immediate Use

Our wallet supports over 230+ cryptocurrencies that inter-operates with KEYS tokens and mass adoption via messaging platform such as WhatsApp



Our KEYS tokens works for any digital asset as well as Blockchain with military-grade security (FIPS 140-2 security certified-protection) on your mobile

Flexible and Unlimited.png

Flexible & Unlimited

Our Tokens work for any industry and mass adoption across industries as we are already integrating with government, fintech, gaming, education, and health industries


Highly Scalable and Pervasive

No USB-keys, card-distribution, or inventory required, as already 1.7+ billion mobile devices enabled to use SignKeys platform, with more than 10 billion IoT devices on their way


KEYS Tokens


Current token exchange rate = 1 KEYS : 0.1 USD

Number of tokens in supply = 2,000,000,000

Number of tokens for sale = 1,000,000,000

  • Guarantee Pool 25%

  • Operations (Global Team Expansion) 13%

  • Marketing 12%

  • Mobile Chip Fee 10%

  • R&D (5% XR, 5% AI, 5% Blockchain) 15%

  • Ecosystem, Community and Network Development 10%

  • Physical Tokens 5%

  • Partners and Advisers 5%

  • Legal 5%

KEYS is a decentralized token that trades and invests with any Digital Asset securely on your mobile.

We are the NEW benchmark in the blockchain ecosystem itself. We achieve this by designing the token around real-life use-cases, while backing it up with a practical, sustainable, and scalable business model. That mission starts with answering the big challenge in the blockchain industry. Providing a secure, easy to use, cross-coin wallet on your personal phone that you bring everywhere.

The value of SignKeys token platform lies in the fact that it allows users to send and receive any digital asset, not just blockchain or crypto. Also by having a loyalty platform built in, we are helping the market grow and ultimately solve adoption. The potential market for securing digital assets is over 100+ Billion USD, and includes not just blockchain or crypto currencies, but any digital asset including ID, KYC and payments.

Why not a security token? Security tokens have only become popular because most projects do not have immediate use and people need something to realise their investments. The KEY DIFFERENCE with our KEYS tokens is that they have immediate use and utility, available on more than 1.7 billion mobile devices that enable our B2C crypto-wallet. They allow you to transact on the SignKeys platform, but they will also allow you to obtain a guarantee on your assets on the wallet. All available today — not years from now. Today!

SignKeys had already secured multiple global premier partnerships, with more to be announced.