KEYS Token

KEYS is a decentralized token that trades and invests with any Digital Asset securely on your mobile. It is used to power our products incLuding transaction fees and rewards across our products, services, network and platform.

KEYS is the NEW benchmark in the blockchain ecosystem itself. KEYS has achieved this by designing the token around real-life use-cases, while backing it up with a practical, sustainable, and scalable business model. That mission starts with answering some of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry.

  1. Blockchain to Blockchain - Even though Tesla invented AC, we have different electrical power points, voltages and plugs around the world. This is what blockchain is like today and continue to be like in the future. There simply will not be one single blockchain. SignKeys has solved this by seamlessly integrating over 60+ blockchain protocols, securely and easily all on your existing mobile.

  2. Blockchain to Non-Blockchain - Like the internet we believe that in the future blockchain will be a “norm.” However today 99% of global IT systems are not on blockchain. Because the platform is not siloed like other platforms or wallets, SignKeys works for ALL digital assets not just crypto or blockchain.

  3. Security and Privacy - If blockchain is so secure, then why are there so many hacks or people losing their hard earned assets? People have to realise that when they buy/sell tokens on an exchange in many of the cases they do not own the actual asset directly “Private Key.” They simply have a user name and password. There are hardware solutions based on dongles and USB KEYS however who carries a USB keys around these days. What if you had the same hardware base security that is (FIPS 140-2 certified hardware) that is on these dongles on your existing mobile phone.

  4. User Adoption - Blockchain adoption has been poor in general. Crypto-currencies have lead the charge but these have limitations based on centralised exchanges and most platforms in blockchain have very poor user experience. Seriously, who carries a security token or a USB dongle in their pocket these days. We carry a mobile phone and KEYS mission is to replace everything on your existing wallet securely with seamless Digital. Our platform already allows users to send and receive any digital asset, not just blockchain or crypto as simple as sending a message with one click. No more mistakes in copying and pasting long wallet addresses or QR codes that don’t really make sense or could be fake. We have built in rewards and a loyalty platform, to help adoption/market growth and ultimately solve true adoption of blockchain. The potential market for securing digital assets is over 100+ Billion USD, and includes not just blockchain or crypto currencies, but any digital asset including ID, KYC and payments.

  5. Risk Management - Just because you have ABS brakes does not mean you will never crash. This is why we have provided a guarantee that is similar to captive insurance not just having the best available technologies enabled. We have also built in practical risk mitigation measures. As an example if you try to send to the same wallet address in a short period of time the wallet will give you a warning. Unfortunately copy and paste functions are not reliable and sending to the same wallet address twise is not reversible in blockchain world. Also if 100 people sent a business or a person the same unit amount, lets say 1 XRP each, how do you know who sent you 1 XRP. We have buit in practical measures without compromising privacy.

  6. GDPR - We take privacy seriously. What your will find is that we are one of the few companies that gone through rigorous GDPR measures or who has a Chief Data Protection Officer not just policies.

  7. Seeing is Believing - Many projects have offered Tokens based on protcol or a platform with a promise of its use some day. It is great that these projects have great ambitions but we are focused on staying pragmatic. We have already created products that has solved the biggest challenges in digital and blockchain and more importantly having tokens that have immediate use. More importantly we are not siloed or tied to one single blockchain. SignKeys technology and products are already in use, already secured multiple global premier partnerships, with more to be announced.

Where is the White Paper?

We understand a white paper is still important to some as these were tools used in a traditional 2017 style of token offering; lots of promises with no real product or typically with little accountability or action. We always say seeing is believing and we like to keep things transparent and simple.

  1. We already have products and solutions that are in the market place with real use. Any one can download our product or one of our partner products that we power. KEYS is used directly to power these and the adoption transparent and growing.

  2. Unlike white papers which are often remain out of date, we keep active dialogues on community channels and actual code commits (make sure you check this when looking into any company). You can also view our roadmap by following the link:

  3. We are VC backed. This is not a crypto VC but your old school traditional VC. We challenge most crypto/blockchain companies let alone tech companies whether they will be pass 3 months of rigorous due diligence on both the business and technology.

So which would you rather prefer? Something that you download and read a bunch of great dreams, or something that is already done, you can download and actually use.

Why not a Security Token?

Security tokens have only become popular because most projects do not have have a product out or typically without immediate use and people need something to realise their investments. The key DIFFERENCE with KEYS tokens is that they have immediate use across multiple different products and services including a captive guarantee model. It is used to power our products including transaction fees, rewards across our products, services, network and platform. All available today — not years from now. BUT TODAY!

Where can I purchase KEYS?


available for PURCHASE directly via SignKeys Secure Wallet.


Q3, 2019

POA network - you Will be able to Earn REWARDS DIRECTLY ON YOUR Secure Mobile WALLET BY STAKING KEYS.

Q4, 2019

KEYS will be Listed

pre-purchase is available directly via SignKeys Secure Wallet.


Immediate Use

Wallet supports any digital assets including 250+ cryptocurrencies that inter-operates with KEYS tokens and mass adoption via messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger etc.



KEYS tokens works for any digital asset as well as Blockchain based security on your mobile

Flexible and Unlimited.png

Flexible & Unlimited

KEYS Tokens is not limited to a single network or an industry. SignKeys solutions are already being adopted across fintech, gaming, education, and health industries.


Highly Scalable and Pervasive

No USB-dongle, card-distribution, or inventory required, as already 1.7+ billion mobile devices enabled to use SignKeys platform, with more than 10 billion IoT devices on their way


KEYS Tokens


Current token exchange rate = 1 KEYS : 0.1 USD

Number of tokens in supply = 2,000,000,000

Number of tokens for sale = 1,000,000,000


  • Guarantee Pool 25%

  • Operations (Global Team Expansion) 13%

  • Marketing 12%

  • Mobile Security and PRIvacy Protocol 10%

  • R&D (5% XR, 5% AI, 5% Blockchain) 15%

  • Ecosystem, Community and Network Development 10%

  • Physical Tokens 5%

  • Partners and Advisers 5%

  • Legal 5%

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