CoinStats Launches World’s First Fully Guaranteed, Mobile, Hardware-rooted Crypto Wallet to 500,000 Active Users powered by SignKeys
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We have exciting news to share. On March 1, our partners at CoinStats are launching the CoinStats Secure Wallet powered by SignKeys. If you don’t know CoinStats, they’re the leading cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with over $5 billion in crypto portfolio. If you don’t already use a portfolio tracker, you should. Download it and give it a try. iOS Android) CoinStats users will now have the ability to track and make transactions directly in the CoinStats app.

With the CoinStats Secure Wallet, instead of having to rely on an outside wallet or exchange, users can now store their holdings securely, backed by the SignKeys Guarantee. The wallet will support over 220 currencies at time of launch, and our goal is to support them all. This means users will have the ability to actually store, send and receive securely as easy as messaging what they are tracking with the CoinStats app.

We are on a mission to restore confidence and bring mass adoption of crypto to the market. This is why if you are interested in OEM/White labeling our products for your region, please feel free to contact us. No point in wasting 2 years and take the risk of developing a product right?

The CoinStats Secure Wallet key features:

  • Fully secure storage: We utilize the hardware that’s already in 1.6 billion phones to provide FIPS 140–2 based, military-grade security.

  • The KEYS Guarantee: Your crypto assets are protected by KEYS token-based guarantee that can actually appreciate in value over time.

  • Support for Every Token: We support more than 220 tokens and are built for the crypto future.

  • Send Crypto as Easy as Messaging: Privately, securely send crypto assets as easily as a message, using your existing messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, even SMS.

KEYS is the only utility token with real utility from day one.

“For every $10 in KEYS tokens stake in a SignKeys or “Powered by SignKeys” wallet, we guarantee $100 worth of crypto assets.”

Trust is one of the most important aspects of mass adoption. This has unfortunately been lost as you might be aware through numerous hacks and breaches on exchanges. SignKeys provides a unique guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up to 10 times the value of KEYS tokens that user holds. The minimum balance of $10 worth of KEYS tokens will protect $100 in other crypto assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) as well as more than 220 other altcoins. This is now enabled on the CoinStats Secure Wallet.

Mass adoption is not just about trust, but ease of use. The blockchain technology powering crypto is so powerful for our society, yet many blockchain solutions have focused on the protocol and not the end user experience. What SignKeys has done is start with the user in mind and has made using crypto as easy as messaging. Now you can send and receive crypto simply by using your favorite messaging platform. To also keep things fresh and exciting, SignKeys has also placed incentives to share, get rewarded and earn within the platform. Simply awesome!

Mobile is everywhere and here to stay.

We believe portability is one of the biggest keys to mass adoption. What do you carry in your pocket? A USB Key? A dongle was probably cool in the 90’s, but seriously? We have done away with the dongle for true portability. Existing solutions on the market provide a bad user experience.

The way we see it, why should you have to wait several weeks for a hardware dongle to show up in the mail? Or what about a firmware update that either wipes your coins out or requires you to remove wallets just to install the firmware update ? On top of that, why are we being mislead to thinking that there are many coins supported, but you can not load them all at one time?

The way to mass adoption is to do away with separate browsers for different coins or booting up a PC. The way to mass adoption is also getting rid of carrying a dongle with a USB cable and having it plugged in after boot and requiring an internet connection. What a horrible user experience! Surely there is a better way!

We are crypto and blockchain fanatics as well, but we often ask ourselves? — Why does it have to be this difficult ? It is definitely necessary that there are hardware based solutions. But what is the point of security if you can not guarantee it, and you have a horrible user experience on top of that ? SignKeys has solved these problems in a realistic and logical way.

SignKeys Secure Wallet is now available for download for iOS and Android. If you can’t wait until March 1 for the CoinStats Secure Wallet, check out our app in the meantime.

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