Long Story Short : No Utility = No Sustainability

Anyone following the crypto world for the last year will know that the entire market overall has lost billions in market capitalization. But for the average person who bought into ICOs or any other token offerings, it can be confusing as to where the all the money went.

The trend has been the same for most of the coin offerings in 2018, but that’s not to say that it is across the board. There are some awesome projects out there that have relative use for their token, and they have outperformed just about everyone else because of that alone, even in a bear market.

Think of it like an arcade. You purchase tokens at the arcade, and they can only be used at that location. The tokens have value because they can be used in exchange for game play on the machines. But what happens if the arcade decides to close ? Or they take away some of your favorite games ? And you still have a pocket full of tokens but you don’t have use for them. You might find yourself either trading them back in or attempting to sell them to someone else.

Why do I need this token that I bought in an ICO ?

So you bought into an ICO in 2018. You thought the token could really have utility and it would be in demand based on that. But in reality, all you really bought was a token that had no real utility , ( at least not for months or even years after the ICO ) and it didn’t have have enough relevance to make it sustainable and thus you get what we see below. No Utility = No sustainability.




The SignKeys Token has immediate utility, relevance and a sustainable demand. What makes our token and our company different ?

  1. Our Product is Finished. No false promises of delivering the product “someday”. No waiting for months after the sale. We’ve already developed the only guaranteed hardware wallet on the market — and it’s enabled on your mobile device today! The tokens have immediate use and that’s to secure your guarantee and give you confidence that your coins are safe. All 240+ and counting of them. Our goal is to support them all !

  2. Relevance and Scaling. Everyone carries a phone, and people want to be able to transact and send crypto easily and on the go - without a separate device and cable. Our app allows you to also send and receive via WhatsApp messenger and also get rewards with our referral program. That’s how we plan to tackle the challenge of mass adoption.

  3. We’re Restoring Trust. We have had a mission for the last 2 years to bring this to a reality. A trusted wallet that is guaranteed secure, mobile, and user friendly. And we don’t believe in the ICO tactics that we have seen. SignKeys is working extremely hard to break the habits of projects that have caused the public to lose trust in token sales for multiple and understandable reasons.

3 questions to ask in 2019 before investing in a blockchain project

  1. Does the company have a working product ?

  2. Are the tokens directly related to using the product ?

  3. Are the token and platform solving real problems in blockchain ?

SignKeys can answer YES to all 3 — Today !

Check out our trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOMRsTRERR4

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Joseph Toh