Introducing SignKeys (Media Kit)

21st Century requires a 21st century solution.

Our Mission: We bring Hardware Rooted Blockchain Protection to the masses and unify your physical wallet on your Mobile, seamlessly with great user experience.

Blockchain is secure, it is based on Cryptography but why are so many people and exchanges around the world being hacked and losing so much money and assets? How do I get protected on my current mobile, without carrying around a desktop and a USB hardware key whilst not eroding my user experience?

Introducing SignKeys

We bring Blockchain protection to the masses.

At SignKeys, we believe the mobile phone is here to stay, but how do you get the same level of hardware protection on mobile? SignKeys has already solved this most difficult aspect for mobile and allow the same military level security on mobile. We have managed create a secure hardware rooted mobile platform in order to provide the access to the greatest level of security commercially available in a way that is easy for people to use and without harming the user experience to the masses.

SignKeys features



Keep your coins, wallets and vaults access secure with the blockchain, and unified with SignKeys.


Stop carrying a wallet and mobile with you, keep your identity documents in a mobile, secured and unified environment with SignKeys.


Payments authentication is critical, and you need to access them wherever you (and your mobile) are with SignKeys.


Secure all your credentials, smart contracts and keep them mobile with SignKeys.

SignKeys is unified, mobile, secure, standardized, frictionless and scalable.

Architecture Philosophy — Future Proofed

SignKeys’ architecture is modular and scalable. This means that each of its functions and features can be acquired and used distinctly making its application extremely flexible. This is done by layering the execution engine to the user interface. This allows the product to support not just identity, credentials, or crypto but future proofed to support upcoming or new technologies, beyond Blockchain or other decentralized technologies and functionality. These include new technologies that support micro-payments, distributed capital markets, live collaboration apps i.e. Hashgraph or IOTA.

Launch Details

Date: Mid 2018


Available at : Google Play Store

Link: coming soon






Jospeh Toh: CEO

Bryan Glancey: CTO

Hans Leo: Business Development

Adrian Lee: Operations

Phil Do: Finance

Nikole Reid: Customer Engagement


Joseph Toh


Joseph Toh