KEYS Network


100% compatible with Ethereum and at least x50 faster

Our solutions can scale upto 100,000 transactions per second (Nasdaq is 10,000tps) on both Fiat and Blockchain.

  1. Network is tested and proven to clear transactions 50 times faster than the current Ethereum network, with further scaling possible up to 100,000 transactions per second. This is because they’ve already adopted Proof of Stake, and allows them to keep pace with major fiat payment processors!

  2. 100% compatible with existing Ethereum Smart Contracts, allowing anyone who is seeking higher throughput, high scalability and lower fees to make an easy switch, no retraining, no retooling

Find out how your enterprise can adoption our solutions to create the next generations financial services that can also accept both fiat, blockchain, tokens and help you launch your own loyalty system or Tokens.


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