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Execution is just as important has having the right technology. If you are serious about doing tech, it is also important to have the right methodology.

We have developed our own in-house methodology that is not only able to combine technologies in AI, Blockchain, Crypto, Data and Security, it is able to cater for the needs of different situations, whether this is combined teams, siloed departments or even the size.

As an example SCRUM is a great approach if you have 8 or less people but when you get to larger implementations as we have faced using approach that is similar to Kanban we found better.  Also if there are external dependencies Agile approach comes with a lot of execution risks.

Good news is that not only do you get great leading technology but also a team who is able to help drive success and outcomes.  This is based on years of proven experience developed by experts not some theoretical best in practice method.  This ensures you get speed, efficiency, value and true alignment of technology to business goals.  

Our approach is based on a structured series of goals.  This is to ensure both the delivery team and csutomer begin with an approach that:

1.       Deliver alignment of requirements to business goals

2.       Create efficiencies to delivering the product

3.       Maximise talent/skills from both delivery team and customer

Our delivery process covers:

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Persona creation

  • AI Capability vs Maturity Analysis

  • Blockchain Capability Analysis including Tokenomics

  • XR Capability Analysis

  • Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Architecture Design

  • Security Model

  • GDPR compliance

  • Risk Assessment Model

  • Information Technology Due Diligence

  • Business Operating Model


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