How SignKeys Platform Works



Our platform leverages chips that are built into current mobile devices.  It has a higher level of protection than software-based solution. A hardware-based root of trust is managed inside each device and is used to uniquely identify a given device.  This ensures that any encrypted storage related to a Trusted Execution Environment on one device can not be simply copied, moved or cloned to a second device.


Secure Transport

The platform verifies the signature of device certificate before the application can be used.  This enables web services to validate that any communication is with a valid instance of a secure application running in the secure environment.  A cloned or emulated device is unable to prove ownership of a valid device identity.


SignKeys SDK

Developing applications that can access the Hardware Vault can be very complex.  For customers that are interested in White Label/OEM solutions, we have developed a cross platform development kid to enable developers who are familiar with common development languages such as C# to be able to securely access the Hardware Vault with integration components for secure access.

cross platform.png

Cross Platform Mobile Kit

We have listened to customers and understand how complex it can get version control and speed of deployment across iOS and Android.  Our platform is able to develop and deploy to both iOS and Android with a common code base. Along with access to platform-specific APIs, the platform supports linking with native libraries.  This capability provides faster ability to go to market whilst maintaining good version control.

ID Server.png

SKIS (SignKeys Identity Server)

The SKIS provides the ability to securely manage relevant users.  For B2C solutions such as the SignKeys Secure Wallet, user’s private keys are not stored on the server.  B2B solutions on the other hand where required is enabled with multi-signature as part of a wider custodial solution.


User Management and Campaign Console

The product caters for back office operations console that covers key functions such as Role based security, Access Management, KYC/User Management, Critical alerts and Notifications, KPI/Performance Dashboard.  Not just an app, but a true enterprise solution.