Does your platform guarantee you?

A unique Guarantee model similar to captive insurance, Just hold KEYS, get rewarded and also get 10:1 ratio SignKeys guarantee.

- Terms and Conditions Apply.


The SignKeys Guarantee

We’ve taken incredible steps toward making the platform secure.  In addition we are setting aside 25% of the sales of our KEYS tokens for the guarantee pool. This is very similar to a captive insurance program.

What is the Guarantee for?

Crypto held in the SignKeys Secure Wallet is guaranteed against breaches in physical security, cyber security, essentially real protection against hacks.

How do I get the Guarantee?

Simple. You just need to hold 10% of the value you want to guarantee in our KEYS tokens. There’s NO FEES. In other words, for every $100 in KEYS tokens you hold, SignKeys will guarantee $1,000 in other crypto assets you hold in our wallet.

Simply download the Secure SignKeys wallet, buy KEYS directly in the App.

If you wish to pay by Credit Card or PayPal, please contact us. If you decide it isn’t right for you, we’ve enabled atomic swaps between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple to buy KEYS. This is no waiting and you can buy KEYS without a need for an exchange.

Why don’t you sell KEYS on websites?

WE DO NOT SELL KEYS ON WEBSITES because it is simply not secure.  We have seen how other tokens that have been sold on websites are not the true issuer.  This is why we have decided not to offer sale of TOKENS on any websites. IF THEY ARE, THEY ARE NOT US.




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