Why SignKeys - The SignKeys®️ Difference :

We are setting a global standard and restoring confidence to blockchain and crypto by guaranteeing your assets on mobile. You can now send and receive crypto as easy as sending a message, truly enabling mass adoption.  

  • As Easy as Messaging: Privately and securely send currency as easily as a message, using any of your existing messengers.

  • Fully Secure: A secure digital and crypto wallet that uses the hardware that's already in 1.6+ billion phones to provide military-grade security.

  • Guaranteed: Your crypto assets are protected by KEYS token-based guarantee that appreciates in value over time due to scarcity.

  • Every Digital Asset: We support more than 250+ currencies and built for the future, supporting all digital assets, not just Crypto/Blockchain.

  • Share and Earn: By referring friends, you can earn KEYS tokens as a reward.

Why you need KEYS tokens - True utility tokens that have immediate use

If Blockchain and Crypto is the “Gold Rush”, SignKeys is the PPP (Pots, Picks and Pans).  Everyone using blockchain and crypto requires a secure wallet to easily send and receive crypto.

Unlike many projects that do an ICO and make you  wait years for the tokens to have any use, we have enabled KEYS to be a fixed amount, ensuring stability and immediate use with a highly scalable wallet. No waiting around and holding useless tokens hoping one day you’ll be able to use them. Finally - tokens that have REAL immediate use!

With KEYS tokens, users can immediately

  1. Obtain a guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up to 10 times the value of KEYS tokens that user holds in the highly secure wallet

  2. Use it for transactions such as performing atomic swaps or sending or receiving crypto

  3. Use it to enable loyalty and rewards

How to buy KEYS tokens

KEYS are available for purchase immediately within the app.

There are 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Download SignKeys Secure Wallet app on iOS or Play Store.

Step 2 - In the App, complete your KYC. You will receive a notification as soon as you are approved.  

Step 3 - Click the BUY button on the bottom of the wallet screen and purchase KEYS.

That simple!

Why Should I buy KEYS now?

Limited Time Bonus - For a limited time, we are offering up to a 20% bonus.  

Share and Earn: By sharing with your friends, you can earn bonus tokens. Share your unique referral code, and when your friend purchases KEYS tokens, not only will they get an additional bonus, but you will too !

What methods of payment are accepted for buying KEYS Tokens ?

You can purchase KEYS using:

  1. BTC

  2. ETH

  3. XRP

  4. Credit Card

Basics : Crypto 101

What are digital assets/cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, created and stored electronically in the blockchain, using encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.

How do I add cryptocurrencies/funds to my wallet ?

If you don’t already have cryptocurrencies, you first need to purchase some, typically through an exchange. Once purchased, transfer your cryptocurrency to your wallet by clicking on the cryptocurrency on the wallet. Click on “Receive” and send to that wallet address by scanning the QR code shown or copy and pasting the address.  

What is a wallet address ?

A wallet address is a string of letters and numbers that you share with someone that wants to send you funds. You can share your wallet address by clicking on the "Receive" button and letting the sender scan the QR code shown. You can also choose to send your wallet address through a messaging system such as WhatsApp by clicking on "Receive via WhatsApp" and sending it to the required contact.

How do I create another wallet address for a specific cryptocurrency ?

When on the cryptocurrency Send or Receive screen, click on the icon on the right of the "Current Address" above the wallet address.

You will be brought to a screen that allows you to add wallet addresses.

Click on the "+" icon to create a new wallet address. Click on the checkmark to select it.

You can also edit its label (to give it a more meaningful label) or delete it by swiping left on that wallet address.

How to recover your wallet

What happens if I lose my device or it was stolen?

No need to worry. You will be able to recover your wallet by downloading the application again, and entering your seed phrase to regain access to your wallet. Go to the login menu of the app and enter your seed phrase by clicking “recover wallet.”

I have changed to a new phone. How do I get my wallet from my previous phone onto my new phone?

You can easily and securely recover your wallet to your new device  by using your seed phrase. You can go directly to the login menu of the app and enter your seed phrase by clicking “recover wallet.”

What is a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is your personal set of 24 words in a certain order that allow you to recover your wallet in case of a breach, lost device, new device, or forgotten pin and login information. It is extremely important to understand the value of the seed phrase, as well as the recommended methods of storing it in case recovery is needed.  

Recommendations for safeguarding my seed phrase ?

It is recommended that your write the phrase down physically on material that will not be lost and store it away in a safe location. It is not recommended that the seed phrase be stored on any online cloud storage solutions that can be hacked or on a post-it note on your fridge.

What happens if I lose my seed phrase?

If you lose your seed phrase, you WILL NOT be able to recover your wallet. This means any funds on that wallet will be lost if you cannot provide the correct seed phrase.   

Transacting :

I’ve sent some funds, but they are not to the receiver yet. How long does it typically take?

Sending cryptocurrency is quick and easy, and can be done 24/7/365. The time it takes to complete the transaction depends on the network congestion. Usually, transactions take between 10-40 minutes to be confirmed and become available. For some coins/tokens that allow for varying speed options for transfer, we have enabled this (e.g. Ethereum Blockchain). In a nutshell, you can opt to pay a little more gas fees to obtain the fastest speed.

What happens if I send funds to the wrong address ?

:-(  It is very important to check the address each time before you perform a transaction, and we recommend double checking the address before sending funds. For complete peace of mind, use our send/receive via messaging feature for accuracy rather than attempting to make mistakes when accidentally copying the wrong address.

How do I check the status of my transaction ?

Usually transactions take between 10-40 minutes to be confirmed and become available. We will post completed transactions in the transaction history section in your wallet.

SignKeys Features :

What is the guarantee, and how does it work?

SignKeys provides a unique guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up to 10 times the value of KEYS tokens that user holds. Our guarantee is easy to obtain: simply purchase within the app, providing you with peace of mind that your digital assets are safe. All you have to do is opt-in, agree to the terms, and hold a stake in KEYS.

Atomic Swaps :

The SignKeys Guaranteed Secure Wallet allows you to swap currencies to other currencies (BTC to ETH and any other combination) without the need for an exchange.  

How do I refer my friends ?

We made it a priority to make the app easy to share, as easy as messaging. For mass adoption, we have enabled a rewards/bonus platform so you can earn immediately! Simply go to the rewards section on your app, click to share your unique code via any messaging platform.  Simple, when your friend signs up, buys KEYS, both you and your friend will receive bonuses!  

How many tokens are supported at present ?

Over 220 currencies are currently supported. To search for one, click the (+) icon on the top right of the wallet screen, and the list will populate. You can search there to find your desired token to add to your main screen.  

Troubleshooting :

SignKeys believes customer service is a top priority.  Our team spans across the globe, therefore we have complete coverage for our users should they experience an issue, regardless of location.   

If you need immediate help, we encourage you to come to our Telegram channel t.me/signkeys_EN and chat with one of our admins live. Someone will always be there to help you right away.   

You can also email support@signkeys.com, and we will address your inquiry as soon as possible.   

Miscellaneous :

Does the app allow me to convert crypto into my native currency ?

This is coming soon. There are many ways to convert to fiat currency including exchanges. Please be aware that you will be subjected to all applicable laws in your residing country regarding tax implications and capital gains taxes. Please refer to your local laws and regulations.   

Can I open multiple accounts under the same name ?

You can open as many accounts as you like. Please note however, each account must use a unique email address and phone number.

Are there any regulations for using this app in my country ?

Laws vary all over the world. Please make sure you are complying with your local and federal regulations.  

Is my personal information secure ?

We take privacy very seriously. After all, it’s our number one mission. You can be assured that your information is safe and will not be shared or compromised.